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Happy #WonderWednesday !

Excited to swing into the new year with you my friend!

Remember when you were a happy, fully self-expressed, courageous 8 year old?  Playing in the park?  Going high on the swings up until the point where you’d hang there for a moment suspended before the chains clink and gravity pulled you back down?

As we all welcome in this new year together, may each and every one of us once again feel the thrill of swinging hard and pushing our limits, awakening that raw and unbridled feeling of flying in mid air with every cell in our body jubilantly bursting with exhilaration, wonder and aliveness.

It is time to grab life by the balloons and fly!   Our superstar team has spent the last five years getting ready for this beautiful moment we now get to share together.  Please joyously click this link and explore our new Live In Wonder Website.  Many hands and hearts from all around the globe have offered their creative spark to bring this portal of possibility into fruition.  Join the conversation.  Feel good.  Be inspired.

Life’s a journey.  Live In Wonder!


Eric Saperston


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