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Simply put: GoWesty is just like the dealer, except totally different. We are crazy about these vehices, and it shows in everything we do. We work on them, we drive them, and we love them—and based upon just how busy all 35 of us are every day—you feel the same way! We are part of a growing group of people who believe that keeping these vehicles alive and on the road is an honorable and worthwhile thing to do. We are part of a community of people across the world wholove these vehicles for their form, function, and relatively low environmental impact. These wonderful vehicles are the “backpackers” of the RV world. As you know, driving a Bus, Vanagon, or Eurovan is just different than driving anything else.


logoMission Statement

The Reason our company exists is to “make the world a better place.”

Our slogan “responsibly grown, beautifully made” means a lot more than just making a high quality hat from organic cotton; it begs us to keep asking the hard questions about every strata of our business model and to seek out solutions to     lighten our social and environmental footprint, even if there aren’t yet precedent solutions in the quirky world of hat making.

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