Here at Live In Wonder we are keeping
ourselves quite busy doing our best to cause,
create and ignite more wonder in the world!

Check Out Our Current Projects Below:

Eric Saperston- Founder and Inspirational Speaker

Eric Saperston has spent the last 20 years taking out the most extraordinary people for coffee to discover the common traits, motivating factors and advice and council they would give others to better prepare themselves for the road ahead. Eric has been inspiring corporate and sold out audiences across the country and around the world. To learn more, Click here

The Wonder Awards

Come join us in celebrating the most extraordinary minds, top producers and thought leaders across multiple disciplines from around the world@ A fully participatory event, learn and engage on panels encompassing multiple disciplines, dance to great musicians under the stars and have tons of fun in one of the most extraordinary and awe inspiring places on the planet! Coming to Maui, HI in 2018.For more info, Click here

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