We’re looking for true everyday heroes and inspirers of wonder: folks who are quietly working behind the scenes, helping to make their communities a better place. Perhaps it’s someone in your own hometown, or it could be a person you’ve heard of or read about, whose efforts inspire you. Whatever the case, take a moment and share a nomination with us through this form. Because now more than ever we want to honor and celebrate those who are changing the world for the good.


1.) An individual who has accomplished measurable, tangible results (EXAMPLES: If it’s a person who has successfully organized a river clean-up, when did it occur, how many miles of shoreline were cleaned up and/or how many pounds/tons of debris were removed? If it’s someone who started a program to feed the hungry, how many people have been helped and/or how many meals have been served to those in need?)

2.) An individual who has founded an organization that has accomplished measurable, tangible results. IMPORTANT NOTE: We do NOT accept nominations for an organization or event itself; HOWEVER, you can nominate the person(s) who started/founded an organization or event that you admire.

Please provide their name and a phone number where they can be reached, as well as a concise synopsis in the “comments” box of why you think your nominee should be recognized with a brief description of their work including what measurable, tangible results they’ve accomplished through their personal efforts.

(The information provided is confidential and will not be shared)

Wonder Awards Nomination Form

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