In case you are wondering, that’s me in the Bunny Rabbit Suit

I had this crazy idea to see what it would be like to wear an animal costume and hand out treats to people.  My good friend Peter came out with me to shoot it and I inspired the store manager at Trader Joe’s to let us film in his parking lot.  He not only said “yes” to our silly shenanigans, he even donated a few bags of chocolate covered pretzels for us to hand out. 

Once we got permission to film our story, we went to the costume store in the same shopping center and asked to speak with the owner.  We  shared our intentions and let her know that Trader Joe’s said it was cool to film and we wondered, “if we promised not to leave the parking lot, would you allow us the honor of wearing your bunny suit while my friend films me handing out candy to people?”  They agreed.  

The three things that stand out from that day the most are:  

1) How blistering hot and humid it was outside and thundering bead-balls of sweat it was on the inside of that bunny suit. 

2) People love to be involved into crazy adventures. 

3) Always be yourself, unless you can be a bunny rabbit, then be the best bunny rabbit you can be, even if others don’t “carrot all!” 

Have a hopping good day!!  

Eric & The Team

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