There Are No Ordinary People

There are no ordinary people.  Everyone who crosses our path, when given the chance, has quite a story to tell.  Let us introduce you to: Lori Williams, 51, Wonder Enthusiast.

We met her at a campground on the beach in El Segundo, California.  Her bright yellow Sprinter Van and matching Jeep in tow caught our attention.  Turns out yellow is the universal color of friendship.  We were intrigued.  Who was this woman?  Curious, we asked Lori, “What’s your story?”  She said, “I’m a geographically agnostic business consultant.”  “It’s awesome,” she declared, “to have a dream in your head and a year later see it come to fruition.”

We found out that Lori got rid of her home, sold everything she didn’t need, and hit the open road. She’s an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University and top business strategy consultant.

“I just wanted to go and be with no limitations,” she said, “I get so much joy living in the moment. I was a type A personality…always rushing. My lifestyle is much slower now.  I’m more relaxed and have given up my need to know what’s going to happen next.  My goal is to live in the excitement of uncertainty.”

“What I’ve noticed already”, she declared, “people who travel are the cream of the crop of humanity. Those who journey in RV’s and camp are the kindest, most open and helpful people I have ever encountered in my life.   Before this trip, I lived in a swanky high rise apartment in Los Angeles with over 3000 people and didn’t know my neighbors. Traveling and camping like I’m doing now, I look forward to taking my garbage out just to see who I’m going to meet along the way.

She continued, “I recently read a book about someone who was diagnosed with cancer and she believed the disease was caused by her fear and need to control things.  After reading that story it taught me, “I’d rather die like I’m living, than live like I’m dying.”

Lori Williams’ Personal Motto- “Happiness is not perfect. Happiness is just a practice of being joyful with what you have.”

Here’s to practicing.

Life’s a journey… Live In Wonder!

Eric & The Team

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