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Best Selling Book- Live In Wonder: Quests, Quotes & Questions To Jumpstart Your Journey


Part book. Part journal. Easy to read. Incredibly inspiring. It’s a book that honors the collective wisdom of our elders, opens the door to mentors, breaks down communication barriers, encourages people to be themselves, inspires conversations with friends, co-workers and families, asks powerful questions, offers great leadership lessons and reminds us all that the most meaningful journeys are the ones that spark within us a deep sense of awe, gratitude and wonder!

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“Refreshingly simple, yet elegantly sophisticated. I recommend this book to anyone daring to live an extraordinary life.”
-Petra Haluska

“My journey in Australia has been amazing. Everyone I’ve shown the book to has loved it. My favorite thing to do is have someone flip to the first page that calls to them. They either read a quote or answer a question. What follows is always a riveting and spirited conversation. I have video of everyone’s reactions too. They’re brilliant. Thanks Eric, your book is awesome!”
-Mike Schibel

“I ran across it in the surf shop, bought a copy to show the students and am also going to include it as a second required text in my Bus 100 classes. I have around 30-50 students a semester and hope this will be a nice size purchase every semester. Mahalo for your good work and look forward to meeting you some time.”
-Chelle Pahinui

“The magic of this book is when you share it with others! You can’t ask somebody else a question without thinking about it for yourself. It’s awesome!!”
-Beverly D. DePasquale

“My husband is a high school band director. During concert band season, he likes to put inspiring thoughts on the board every day for his students. He is going to put up many of the provocative questions and quotes from your book for the rest of the school year – he loves them! Thank you, music students in Ohio will be living in wonder.”
-Susie Mills

“When I first read through the book I had reservations and thought it too simplistic…. but one night I was moved to start answering the questions at random and found it insightful, fun and at times very challenging to search within to find… my truth – there are many I’ve yet to answer. I plan to use the book in a men’s circle I’m part of and at other gatherings and with young people. I find it valuable to answer the questions, but what is most interesting is looking at my answers at a later date and reminding myself of the truth I already know and have written in the pages. Thank you for all the work in putting it together and getting it out there.”
-Simon Spoor

“One day, I was having some personal turmoil and was “stuck” at work. Since I couldn’t physically leave, I decided I needed to leave mentally for even 10 minutes. Suddenly, your book was in my hand. I shared it with my friend and coworker, Tatianna. Her reaction was the same as mine: this book is life-changing. I even highlighted, and I haven’t done that since college! I’m sure you will change many more lives, just like you have changed mine.”
-Jess Dixon

“I love the Question section!! It’s a delightful and insightful tool when seeking inspiration to jumpstart a journal experience. I close my eyes, flip to a question and GO!”
-Kristine Hoffman

“I am a Chief Economist and am having an all day offsite with my staff of 16 at the end of March. I am going to be giving each of them (economists, policy analysts, support staff) a copy of Eric’s book and a copy of Seth Godin’s latest, Linchipin. They actually have a lot in common! I am going to ask each person to interview one person that they respect/admire and to share their interview (pick 5-10 of Eric’s questions) at the meeting. Should be fun and interesting.”
-Leslie Michaels

“I like this book so much I can’t hold on to it because I keep giving it away. And my friends keep thanking me for it!”
-Peter Travers


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